About Us


Enhancing the viability of resource recovery and recycling.

Our Mission


Diversify processing capabilities to efficiently adapt to ever changing public needs


Raise and exceed the technological standards of the industrial community


Offer unparalleled service to all customers and suppliers


Constantly watch out for the needs of the environment

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Quality Policy

Embatech is dedicated in our attempts to ensure that through our products and activities, we are enhancing the viability of resource recovery and recycling, following the principles of sustainable development, increasing waste diversion from landfill, and reducing waste generation and enhancing quality.

• Committed to comply with all applicable environmental legal and other requirements.
• Continually improve the Environmental Management System by setting objectives and targets to enhance environmental conservation.
• Implementing 3Rs Method in waste segregation system.
• All operations are assessed and actions taken to prevent environmental pollution.
• Ensure energy consumption efficiency in all operations.
• In order to ensure effective implementation of this policy, the policy is made available to all employees, visitors, vendors, public and any other interested parties.

Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Policy

Embatech regards the promotion of health, safety and welfare as a primary objective. Our policy is to provide and maintain so far as is reasonably practicable, a safe working environment for all our employees and stakeholders. Throughout the implementation of this policy, Embatech encourages ongoing training and development, equal opportunity and employment programs, and leadership and mentoring programs.


Provide a safe and healthy working environment including safe systems of work and all necessary safety devices and protective equipment.


Ensure all accidents and near misses are fully investigated and actions taken to reduce likelihood or re-occurrence, and to finally achieve a zero-accident environment.


Provide information, instructions and training on health, safety and welfare issues as is necessary.


Increase the awareness of all employees to their responsibility for their health and safety of themselves and others.