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Recycling Service

Ensuring that scrap and waste are properly handled.

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One-stop scrap disposal, recycling, processing and treatment solution provider

As a licensed one-stop scrap disposal, recycling, processing and treatment solution provider, we continue to pursue continuous improvements in its methodologies by keeping in pace with technological changes, with a view to environmental responsibility.

We work with you to provide a customised program which improves operations, meet regulatory requirements and serve the environment, while ensuring that scrap and waste are properly handled.

Embatech’s recycling services include:

• Material recycling
• Material transformation
• Resource recovery and other general recycling services
• Trading of recycled materials
• Selling and buying used machineries

Types of Materials

Ferrous & Non- Ferrous Metal

Steel can
Stainless steel
Steel cabinet metal
Aluminium can
Brass pipe
Steel plate
Copper wire
Other scrap wire and cable
Other copper, aluminium, and non-ferrous scrap
Other hardened aluminium products


Pure white paper
Computer form
Black and white paperpaper
Double liner kraft
Old corrugated carton box
Paper core
Mixed colour paper
Old newspaper
Mixed waste paper


PE foam
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)plastic
PVC, PS plastic sheet
PP foam
Polystyrene (PS)

Other Materials


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What is E-Waste?

In addressing the growing problems of e-waste disposal, Embatech offers e-waste management services to businesses in Penang and the whole of Malaysia.

Embatech’s safe and organised approach to manage the end of life of discarded, surplus, obsolete, or broken electrical or electronic devices uses state-of-the-art technology where we aim to acquire commercial value and at the same time rovide environmental benefits.

Some of the e-waste that we handle:

• Computer and TV monitor
• Computer cover and casing
• PCB board
• IC tray
• Other electronic components and chips

Embatech provides a complete scope of activities to manage e-waste in a secure and efficient manner.

Our services include:

• Collecting and transporting of e-waste
• Organising e-waste into working or non-working equipments, parts, and components
• Secured data destruction
• Dismantling and size reduction of equipments, parts, and components
• Sorting out to different materials such as glass, plastic, iron or steel, aluminum, copper and etc.
• Remarketing of reusable equipments, parts, components and various recovered materials
• Safe disposal of hazardous substances